Meet Our New Employer Connector!

New Colleague Spotlight: Shaneka Washington

We would like to welcome our Employer Connector Shaneka Washington to the Mississippi Center for Reentry Team. Shaneka sat down with Mariah to talk about her life and why she decided to join our team. You can read the full interview below.

What is Your Background?
I am from Helena Arkansas but I currently reside in Olive Branch, MS and I completed my associates degree in occupational therapy and transition immigration services at Concord Career College in Memphis, TN. I also obtained a certification in reentry from St. Louis University. Although I’m not familiar with reentry but I am excited to learn.

Why Did You Decide to Join the MS Reentry Team?
I decided to join MS Reentry because of a past relationship I was in and I saw people who had the potential to do better in their lives. When seeing people being thrown back in the same situation in the life of crime and recidivism rates go
up, I would like to be the change in that. I feel I will make an impact on Mississippi Center for Reentry because I feel that employment comes with a sense of purpose and for individuals to provide for themselves and also being able to
function in society. I hope to learn about another way of life that I am not familiar with and I want to get to know the population of men and women that are incarcerated. I want to see life through their eyes and point of view.

What is Your Favorite Music and Why?
My favorite music is old school R&B preferably 80s music. My favorite artist is Frankie Beverley and Maze. I love this genre and artists because it helps me escape to what I was doing throughout the day.

What Do You Like to Do in Your Spare Time?
I like to spend time with my daughter.

Shaneka, on behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers we would like to officially welcome you to Team Reentry!

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