Why Are Reentry Programs Important?

Successful reentry programs give current former offenders opportunities to support themselves through legitimate and productive work, reducing recidivism and improving public safety.



The State of Mississippi is faced with a reality where four out of every five individuals who leave incarceration will return at some point in the future. Having an effective reentry process that allows and incentivizes those leaving periods of incarceration to become contributing members of society is essential for public safety. The Mississippi Center for Re-Entry is tackling this problem by utilizing a variety of methods.


We found that to be effective at helping these individuals to become "reentry ready" and stay on the path to a better life, we had to learn every barrier which bars someone from successful reentry and a true second chance. A standard evidence-based model for successful reentry does not currently exist, therefore we are creating a model with the hopes that it will become replicated locally and nationally.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist currently incarcerated men, women and juveniles towards successfully re-entering society through the development of pre-release plans, developing social skills, and obtaining needed services in their local communities of Desoto, Tunica, Marshall and Tate counties.


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Once an individual re-enters society, their likelihood of becoming a contributing member of their community is dependent on whether they can secure meaningful employment, find a place to live and have the education and skills necessary to advance in life. A successful reentry program is one that helps individuals overcome one or more of these barriers and collaborates with other community resources to supplement their own program with other services.

While research has clearly revealed that these barriers result in higher recidivism and hinder successful reentry, not much is known about a sustainable model of elements necessary to significantly impact our recidivism rate for the long term.


Realizing the gap in research around reentry and the need for a comprehensive strategy for reentry activities that can be implemented in any community across the state, the Mississippi Center for Re-Entry was born. We seek to utilize the Five Key Model for Re-entry developed by Professor Pettus-Davis to craft individualized reentry plans which will help participants improve themselves while showing they are “capable of redemption.” Individuals currently incarcerated are eager to secure a second chance and emotionally capable of successful re-entry.

The results of Professor Pettus-Davis reentry model revealed that these individuals want to work, gain knowledge and education, build stronger personal relationships, improve their health, and practice their faith more than they can in our current criminal justice system.


"Mississippi Center for Re-Entry is a great organization and offers individuals a second chance. The director, the Board, and all individual work timeless in their efforts to help individuals as they reenter society."

Board Member

"Mississippi center for reentry is a non-profit organization that gives second chances to people. Mississippi center for reentry entry is breaking barriers on mass incarceration."


"Mississippi Re-entry program is an awesome non-profit program, that works tirelessly to improve the lives and living situations of the recently incarcerated and their families."